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The Amigo Coffee


The Amigo Coffee is a youth-led social enterprise focused on harvesting sustainability through reselling local coffee from Bansalan and Kalinga. More exposure to Filipino Coffee was the action, which led to the final logo design displaying an iconic farmer holding a coffee bean in a way that it is cared for. As I was assigned to be the Creative Director, establishing the brand effectively was necessary to support local farmers leverage their coffee.

Logo 1 Brown.png
Logo 1_Black.png

I decided with a serif font for the primary logotype to deliver the classic yet professional modern feel. It gave the oriental and floral look for the social enterprise. Avenir was up next for the tagline for the present-day appearance as the brand is youth-led. 

Packaging Mockup.png
Gift Card Mockup.png
Coffee Bags.jpg
iPhone Mockups.png
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